How to Release

Maven Jar

We release the rikai jar to the maven artifactory using sbt-sonatype in conjunction with `sbt-ci-release`_. For details see .github/workflows/scala-publish.yml github action workflow.

Python Package

We release the rikai python package to pypi via :code:`.github/workflows/python-publish.yml`_.

Release Process

  1. Make sure top of main is green

  2. Run the bump version for release github action. This tests the head of main again, creates a version bump commit, and a commensurate tag.

2. Wait til the version bump commit is green on GH. 4. Via GH UI, create a new release with the new tag. This should trigger the two release workflows. 5. Check PYPI to make sure the latest version is up. Maven Central takes a few hours to sync but

you can check sonatype to make sure the latest version is up before that.